What is counselling?

Counselling is like coming into a safe, non-judgemental “space” which is only yours, for you to be supported and accepted, to share, discover, look for resources and be built up. In the counselling room there is no need to be someone else or to try to be strong. Therapy is a journey you are offered to take with a therapist who is on your side; who listens and understands, who will help you discover the roots of your difficulties, and outline the steps you need to take to overcome them. Everyone needs professional support at times – maybe this is what you need right now. 

Arise Counselling Services is characterised by an integrative approach. In therapy, the counsellor, uses many elements and techniques from personal centred therapy, CBT, psychodynamics, mindfullness, relaxation and more, alongside general counselling skills like a non-judgemental approach, active listening, acceptance, resourcing and education.
Arise Counselling Service is based on the Irish legal regulations and the IACP Code of Ethics, which includes:
Respect for the rights and dignity of the client;
Professional Responsibility;
Competence and their limitations

Arise Counselling Services is run by Patricia Garbowska, 
who holds:
MA. Family Psychology,
Dip. Counselling and Psychotherapy.
Patricia has been living in Limerick with her family for over 14 years. She is fluent in English and Polish, offering counselling services in both languages face-to-face and on-line.

We can help

 The main areas of practice:

Parenting struggles
Bereavement, grief and loss
Relational conflict, loneliness
Abuse recovery (e.g. sexual, emotional, physical)
Childhood trauma
The effects of the past on your present and future
Anger and stress management
Anxiety and panic attacks
Self-esteem and assertiveness
Personal boundaries
Decision making, guilt 

The greatest gift you can present to yourself and your family is a


What's next?

What can I expect? 

You may have been referred to Arise Counselling Service by your doctor or a friend, or you may have researched on your own. Deciding to seek help from a counsellor or psychotherapist
can be a daunting step for any individual and may be a new experience for you.

The initial appointment is normally arranged within a few days.
This initial appointment is called the assessment session and it is intended to give you an opportunity to meet the Counsellor, to share some of your story, discuss what you need and to see if Arise Counselling Services is the right place for you.
Often a few sessions of therapy can make a huge difference.

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Confidentiality is a central and integral part of any therapeutic process and is assured to each client. A confidentiality policy ensures that any individual may freely discuss their most sensitive issues in a safe and non-judgemental environment, knowing that what is said in the counselling room will remain there.

Limits to confidentiality:
in exceptional circumstances, counsellors may need to break confidentiality if they believe there is a serious intent of harm or danger to a person under 18, to their client, or to another individual. In such cases, a full explanation will be given to the client regarding the necessary procedures to be followed. 

All enquiries will be handled with strict confidentiality. 

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